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Is a Paid Dating Site Better Than a Free Dating Site?

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Is a Paid Dating Site Better Than a Free Dating Site?

This depends heavily on the user and what they’re looking for in a potential partner. If you’re just bored and want to chat with a lot of local singles in a short amount of time then a free dating site or app will probably suit you just fine. It’s low-pressure and low-commitment, and it doesn’t cost anything but time!

However, singles who are serious about finding true love typically don’t find the free swiping scene to be very gratifying. For one thing, it can take a long time to turn an idle conversation into a real connection, a first date, a second date, and a long term relationship. There are simply too many options for online daters to focus on just one person, and they can quickly get overwhelmed by flaky and superficial dates who don’t always enter chats with serious intentions.

A paid dating site essentially solves that problem by asking singles to pay for a premium membership and show that they’re serious about meeting a potential match for real. Paid members also tend to benefit from having more matchmaking tools, search filters, and premium features at their disposal, which makes it even likelier that they’ll have a fruitful online dating experience.

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