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Tinder App

Tinder is most popularly being used on mobile phones. The swiping is much easier and the layout is attractive with all the icons, colors, and profile music.

However, if you want to utilize the app at its best, make sure to familiarize yourself first with the icons before clicking on them. This will help you avoid wasting freebies like Superlike, Boost, and Rewind.

For phones that run on Windows OS, you may download “6tin,” a third party app of Tinder, since the main app is not yet available on Windows Store.

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Field Test
“Using Tinder is exciting and overwhelming considering the number of members that I was able to choose from. Most of the matches that I found have very few information on their profile. I don’t have a way to know more but to like them and wait for them to like me back. Honestly, I hesitated to do that because I have no assurance that the user is not fake. In the end, I still tried to swipe right. So far, my matches were nice and they sent decent messages, too. I might be lucky not to encounter disrespectful members then.” – Ea, Post-Grad Student, 23

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Rip-off for men?
It is noticeable that as soon as man registers with Tinder, he garners a lot of visibility and receives a lot of matches. However, after a week or two, the number of matches and likes eventually go down. This is due to Tinder’s algorithm which lowers the ranking of men who are free users. They prioritize visibility of users who pay for the premium membership. To become more visible again, you would have to buy expensive boosts or membership, otherwise you will hardly have matches.

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The Problem With Tinder
Nowadays sex comes before the relationship and isn’t the climax of romantic and intimacy anymore. It has become more of a precondition to engaging in a relationship. Depending on how good one matches on the bodily dimension, the other invests in him or not.
The daily online-dating-routine is often stressful. The flirting schedule is comparable to work-life: paired with pressure and stress. There are way too many options sometimes and all need to be scrutinized. But in many cases relationships may also end as fast as they have begun; ghosting, breadcrumbing (short, dis-interested messages) and mosting (overly interested at first, then nothing) are neologisms that arose with the Tinder-era.
Most women use tinder to find relationships, men to have fun – it is obvious, that this doesn’t match. Yet, they still have sex, since women hope that it might lead to a relationship. Men, on the other hand, despise women that are easy to get as their girlfriends. Still, it’s mostly women, that seek for ego boosts online.
Dating-apps tighten the competition between singles and intensify distrust and suspiciousness. You try to shelter your heart and ego from disappointments and slowly sodden. Additionally, a lot of people don’t find a relationship on tinder because they refuse to admit, that they have met on a dating app.
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How Tinder sells your data
If you sign for dating platforms like Tinder, you will most likely share a lot of personal information – sexual preferences as well as drug use. Basically all kinds of intimate personal data, which should be accepted by and in sync with possible partners.
Therefore it is even more alarming, that a data protection organization from Oslo discovered that the dating platform apparently violates – just as other mobile dating apps – fundamental laws of data protection. The dimensions of this violation were summed up and published by Jan Vollmer.

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