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Tinder Dating Online

Tinder makes being single more fun and rewarding by connecting people who may not have otherwise met in real life.

We celebrate that being single is a journey. And a great one. Being single isn’t the thing you do, unhappily, before you settle down.

We stand up for how a whole generation chooses to live their lives.

We Are One Team

We work together collaboratively & selflessly. We are proud of the impact we have in helping our members connect with new people in real life. This impact is our guiding focus and we work together collaboratively and selflessly in the pursuit of this mission.

Tinder is a team sport. We work closely across all teams to make decisions and take actions based on what is best for Tinder as a product and a community, not just our teams or ourselves.

We Are Human & Honest

We recognize that we are all human. We take interest in and embrace each other’s individuality. We stay true to who we are, stand up for what we believe in, and are always mindful of others. We deeply value our humanity – it inspires us to be real with one another and tolerant and accepting of our differences.

We always default to honesty and are candid and transparent in all that we do. This authenticity allows us to inspire one another and makes our work more meaningful, interesting and fun.

We Are Curious & Humble

We’re low ego. We’re open minded and we like to discuss and debate thoughts, ideas and plans to broaden and further inform our beliefs and approaches. When we disagree, we respectfully and constructively speak our minds, but trust in, and commit to, informed decisions.

We know that ego prevents us from learning. We seek, accept and give feedback fearlessly to continue to grow personally and professionally.

We Have Ambitious Standards

We determine our objectives and goals by setting our sights high.

The path to world class is never ending. We constantly challenge the status quo – there is always an opportunity to be better. We strive to raise the bar for our products, our teams, and ourselves.

We Get Sh*t Done

Own It. Tinder’s problems are our problems and we are independent, resourceful, and responsible problem solvers. We take ownership and work diligently to drive solutions across the finish line – we never back down and we are not easily blocked.

Sweat The Details. We dive deep into the details to find the root cause. When problems are unclear or ambiguous, we ask why and keep digging to find the answer. We use data and facts to inform what is needed and most valuable. We succeed when we solve problems, not when we ship.

Autonomy – Trust & Freedom. We trust everyone to get sh*t done by avoiding analysis paralysis and design by committee. Speed matters. We take calculated risks to move quickly and are willing to be wrong so that we can learn the right solution.

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